Did you Know Facts

1) Did you know that Idlies are considered to be the healthiest food by NHA. Apart from various minerals and carbohydrates that you get from Idlies, they are an ideal food product for a weight loss program. Changing your diet plan to an Idli diet can help you reduce 1 kg per day.

2) Did you know that Bisibella Bhaat, was just a simple food prepared for the laborers making the Mysore Palace for the King of Mysore. Once while crossing the kitchen the King was mesmerized by the enticing aroma coming out of the kitchen. He was so loved by the taste that he couldn’t wait trying it. After trying it he since that day, Bisiblla Bhaat has been most favorite food.

3) Did you know that UpSouth Dosa are the lowest in calories. Unlike any other dosas , UpSouth innovative dosa use only 2 gms of oil for cooking, thus making it the most healthiest and tastiest Dosas.

4) Do you know it UpSouth source its coffee from 15 different locations in South India. These coffee beans are hand selected, carefully roasted and dried by experts with an experience of more than 45 years in coffee business. That’s why nobody can resist our mesmerizing wonderful coffee.

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